Products and Services
SUPERKAR TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS CO., LTD. SKT & Logistics is a company, which provides domestic transport and other logistic services.
Transportation Mode - Vehicle Carrier
SKT & Logistics is operated by experts and specialists. We offer wide range of services including:
- Domestic Truckload (TL) carriers From Distribution Centre to one another To automotive industry groups such as Toyota, Honda, Hino
- Backhaul - To domestic Industrial Estates (Amata City Industrial Estate, Amata Chonburi (Phan Thong) Industrial Estate, Eastern Rayong Industrial Estate, Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, Pin Thong Industrial Estate, Suranaree Industrial Estate, Rojana Ayutthaya Industrial Estate, Lamphun Industrial Estate, Etc.)
- Less-than-truck-load (LTL) carriers - from one area to many destination domestically
- Small package carriers - Door-to-Door destinations
Bangkok - Phuket
Bangkok - Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai - Phuket
Bangkok - Lamphun Industrial Estate
Chiang Mai - Amata Thonburi (Phan Thong)
Industrial Estate
- Express
Vehicle type carriers
We provide variety of motor carrier types to handle varying commodities and different sizes; Cars, Trucks, Straight Trucks, Tractors hauling trailers, Rocky Mountain, Twin Trailers, and Triple. Our customers are welcomed to select various truck sizes to fulfil your demand and we are prepared to operate 24 hours.
Customer Service Standards
Our organization is willing to develop and improve both effectiveness and efficiency to satisfy our customers the most. There are several criteria including:
- All in-service vehicles must meet standards and certified by the Department of Transport.
- All vehicles are company’s own properties.
- All in-service drivers must be all-time reachable during their duties.
- All in-service vehicles are equipped with GPRS system, therefore, customers can track the shipment status and appoint time more accurately.
บริษัทฯเน้นด้านการให้บริการกับลูกค้า ภายใต้ สโลแกน “ ซื่อสัตย์ จัดเร็ว ส่งไว ทันใจลูกค้า”
Uniform Standards
SKT & Logistics is very concerned about our employee’s quality performance as well as securities, thus our employees must follow our protocol strictly.
- All vehicles safety and facilities are equipped fire extinguishers, safety belt, wheel support, lighting system, etc. Items insurance, vehicle insurance, motor
- insurance, and compulsory insurance are all in-service vehicles required
- Our company owns a full maintenance service, so we have a ability to check up all vehicles immediately due to their distances and time used.
- Vehicles and drivers are ready 24 hours.
- All services will be served under our philosophy of “Honesty, Fast Handling, Speedy Delivery, Customer Satisfaction ”
Other services
Superkar Klinic & Service LTD.,Part
We provide a full-service repair service including engine reparation, braking system reparation, electrical system reparation, air suspension reparation, dynamo and batteries reparation, wheel alignments, and tires changing and equipped. Furthermore, vehicles inspectors, tax renewal, and compulsory insurance are one of our services. Therefore, our customer’s convenience will be fulfilled in one location.
All is proceeded by experts and specials which will be monitored and advised by well-known certified engineers who have more than ten year experiences. Customers can trust in our quality services.
Ramkhamhaeng Branch - Ramkhamhaeng 116, Ramkhamhaeng Rd.
Contact: 02-373-5975
Mr.Chaimungkorn (Chief Engineer) : 089-217-6818
Kanchanaphisek Branch - Saphan Sung
Contact: 02-368-2009-11
Mr.Opphatam (Chief Engineer) : 086-320-1105
SUPERKAR BODYPAINT Center is available for full-service exterior reparation and decoration including auto-painting, spraying, and colouring. We are expertise in all brands and all size vehicles. Beside exterior decoration, the reparation from any circumstances is also available as our service such as car suspension and other related improperly components. Selective material used, fully process attention, and quality function and standard, our customers can trust and will be satisfied to the maximum throughout our services.
Kanchanaphisek Branch - Saphan Sung
Contact: 02-368-2009-11
Interested deals, please contact: 02-368-2009
Mr. Watcharin(Chief Engineer) 086-320-1103